Financial Knowledge for Millennial

Find your way through finance knowledge basics, designed to help you answer your day to day money questions.

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Pragmatic Financial Planning

Skills for Working Adults, arm yourself with the needed tools to battle financial troubles experienced as a working adult.

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Investment & Wealth Creation

Invest with the right knowledge of the Marketplace for better investment outcome. As you advance further in life

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Why Learn Financial?

Why Learn Financial?


Focus on Content that we know best
“Financial & Investment”


Customized content to make it relevant and practical for local audience


Interaction matters ! Learn via interactive & engaging video series

The 5 C's of Learn Financial

The 5 C's of Learn Financial


15 years of content creation experience on Financial & Investment Related Topics.


Adaptable learning environment coupled with engaging learning presentation.


Your finance & investment questions all answered.


Learn Anytime, Anywhere across any devices.

Cost Effective

Make your money stretched further with online learning.

Popular Online Courses

Popular Online Courses

Features of Learn Financial

Features of Learn Financial

Millenials' Financial Challenges

More than 75% of Malaysians

Find it difficult to raise even RM1,000 of immediate cash money for emergencies.

Do not practise long term financial planning

Only 40% of Malaysians consider themselves financially ready for retirement

Credit Card Misuse

Little to no spending discipline can result in excess credit card bill debt and bad credit ratings.

Supporting Organizations

Learn Financial initiative to elevate the Financial Literacy among Malaysian has been endorsed & supported by the following Financial & Business Associations

Learn Anywhere

As we all have smartphones nowadays, being mobile friendly is so important. We know that and we made your theme to be mobile friendly so anyone will be happy when they visit your online learning course site.