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Learn Financial is an e-Learning platform introduced by Money Compass Group, who have been in the finance media & education business since 2014.

Financial Freedom?

Our aim has been to always advocate the practise of financial planning in everyday life, moreover, have served as a financial freedom gateway that assists internet users with the enhancement of their financial intelligence, creation of wealth opportunities and achievement of financial freedom.

Inadequate Financial literacy has become a global phenomenon in our increasingly materialistic and complex world. This has equally led to increased financial problems being experienced in our time, even among College and University Students.

What We Do

Learn Financial therefore, aims to provide answers to the very basic finance questions asked by most people and in so doing, guide them towards the path that leads to achievable financial freedom height. More so, given the current rate of household debts in Malaysia, Learn Financial turns out to be an important platform that is desperately needed by Malaysians.

Learn Financial is segmented into “uLearnMoney”, “iLearnFinance” and “weLearnInvest” where uLearnMoney is developed to serve Students, iLearnFinance for Company Employees and weLearnInvest for those interested in knowing more about investment, wealth creation, etc. Learn Financial provides the tools needed by people from all walks of life to manage money wisely and develop good finance habits, which is seen as the building block for a secured future.

Overall, it contains activities that illustrates sound money-management concept for everyone, irrespective of background, providing tips that will help mentor and nurture our subscribers, into becoming financially responsible people. Hence, we invite you to explore this platform, to enjoy its fun and interactive money related lessons that has to do with: earning, saving, budgeting, spending, investing, etc.

Meet Our Team


Amy Seok
Founder & CEO

20 years in Financial Media & Education with Strong Network with Financial Institutions & Government Agencies.


Jackie Wong
Co-Founder & CMO

10 years in International Integrated Media with Strong Expertise in Business Strategy, Sales & Marketing.


KC See
Non-Executive Director

Business Owner & Entrepreneur with more than 30 years of Experience in Talent Development Business, Coaching, Mentoring & Training.